Adam Ruins Everything 104                  Marcy                                         TruTV

Comedy Music Hall of Fame                 Writer/Performer                       IFC

Broad City 104                                    Leigh                                      Comedy Central

Hey Girl                                               Erin                                         MTV


Internet Series

College Humor                                      Cast Member                            College Humor

Anglophenia                                      Host/Writer                            BBC America

Forgotten Assholes of History          Host/Writer                            Above Average



Duplicast Podcast                                  Host/Writer                               WNYC


Sketch Comedy

Maude Night                                        Actor/Writer                           UCB                                               Actor/Writer                 

The Charlies                                        Actor/Writer                           UCB

Mid-Grade Comics                               Actor                                    Second City



University of Bristol

Second City, Chicago- Brian Posen, Matt Mages, Tim Soszko

UCB Advanced Improv and Sketch- Chelsea Clarke, Michael Delaney, Erik Tanoye

Brooke and Mary commercial acting class


Special Skills

Dialects (Standard American, Australian, South African, all British), singing, guitar, ukulele, improvisation, can take naps without smudging makeup


Commercial conflicts available on request